2 Part Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

2 part (or two-component) adhesives are preferred for their storage stability that comes from separating their reactive components – resin and hardener. These two components should be mixed in the prescribed proportion to obtain the desired adhesive properties. Adhesive manufacturers use a two-component adhesive dispensing system (MMD machines) to ensure the ratio is accurate and […]
Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

In the current market, there are two primary MMD or Meter Mix Dispense options present for adhesive dispensing systems. Knowing about the two is essential to give you a clear idea when it comes to choosing the most suitable solution for your specific requirements. Should you be looking to set up an MMD machine, the […]
Meter Mix Dispense Equipment

Meter Mix Dispense Equipment

Meter, mix, dispense equipment (MMD) for two part adhesive dispensing is used across multiple industries. When a two component adhesive is needed, meter, mix, dispense equipment makes applying material quick, accurate, and easy. MMD equipment is required in glazing, auto manufacturing, curtainwall applications, and aerospace industries. All Pneumatic or Electronically Driven You’ll need to choose […]
Industrial Adhesive Dispenser

Industrial Adhesive Dispensers Made in USA

HG Adhesive Dispensing is an American manufacturer of industrial Meter, Mix, Dispense systems. Our machines are primarily used in glazing, curtainwall, and aerospace applications. If you’re looking to pump Dowsil, or GE Momentive adhesives, HG has industrial adhesive dispensers that will work. 55 gallon pumps and 5 gallon pumps are both options, and we can […]

Resources for Maintenance Information

HG Adhesive Dispensing is dedicated to delivering reliable, user-friendly products that will serve you for years, and our staff is ready and willing to assist you every step of the way. As a custom meter, mix, dispense machine manufacturer, we specialize in problem solving and optimizing glazing solutions. We have several resources designed to provide […]
Skinny Bear

Announcing the all new Skinny Bear

For Swing Stage Application The Skinny Bear is HG Adhesive Dispensing’s answer for “how can we glaze windows while up on a swing stage?” Customized to a compact, bare-bones, all-aluminum frame has made the Skinny Bear 348 pounds (unloaded) with a footprint of 25” wide x 43” long. As an ultra-light version of the Little Bear, […]