Announcing the all new Skinny Bear

For Swing Stage Application

The Skinny Bear is HG Adhesive Dispensing’s answer for “how can we glaze windows
while up on a swing stage?” Customized to a compact, bare-bones, all-aluminum frame has made the Skinny Bear 348 pounds (unloaded) with a footprint of 25” wide x 43” long. As an ultra-light version of the Little Bear, the Skinny Bear still has 5 gallon x 5 gallon pump abilities for DOWSIL 983 silicone. The size of the Skinny Bear combined with the option of extra-long hoses, makes maneuverability easy and safe while on a small swing stage.

HG Adhesive Dispensing now offers RENTAL AND FINANCING PROGRAMS!
Please contact us via email at or by phone at (775) 246-3031 with any
questions/inquiries for the Skinny Bear.