Resources for Maintenance Information

HG Adhesive Dispensing is dedicated to delivering reliable, user-friendly products that will serve you for years, and our staff is ready and willing to assist you every step of the way. As a custom meter, mix, dispense machine manufacturer, we specialize in problem solving and optimizing glazing solutions. We have several resources designed to provide quick and dependable solutions to all your maintenance needs.


  1. Give us a call: (775) 246-3031

We are available Monday thru Friday, 7am-5pm PDT to answer any questions you may have. We can walk you through procedures and assess your issues on the spot free of charge!

  1. Shoot us an email: Contact

Email us 24/7 with any replacement part requests, maintenance questions, specialty part inquiries, etc.

  1. Check out our YouTube channel!

HG Adhesive Dispensing YouTube Channel

We are constantly adding new videos containing tips and procedures for smooth machine operation. 

  1. Request a manual

Request a copy of our Maintenance Schedule; it contains parts lists, diagrams, and maintenance information. We also have a database of model specific operation and maintenance manuals for our machines and products.

  1. Send us your machine

If you want an overhaul and refurbishment of your machine, contact us about sending the machine directly to our location to have our technicians repair it. Or, if you have found the problem area, we can walk you through removal and installation of key parts that can be sent to our facility and refurbished. 

  1. Schedule a technician visit

We have the capability of traveling anywhere in the US as well as Internationally! Contact us to get information about sending a technician directly to your facility to repair your machines.


Again, if you need answers quickly, do not hesitate to Call (775) 246-3031, or Email Us.