Big Bear 437

Heavy Duty, Extra High Volume, Dual Component Dispensing System

The Big Bear 437 is an all pneumatic, two component adhesive dispenser primarily used for glazing and curtainwall applications. The reliability, simplicity, and cost effectiveness of the Big Bear 437 has made it one of the industry leading choices for over forty years.

The Big Bear doesn’t use any electricity, which means you get a system that’s simple and reliable. When you need your project done on time and you can’t afford down time, the Big Bear is consistent and ready for any job. The 403Z purgeless dispensing applicator enables mixing to occur in a disposable static mixer, ensuring your team won’t need to spend time cleaning a nozzle.

Standard Features:

    • 403Z dispensing gun with disposable mixers
    • Continual flow system
    • All pneumatic (no electricity)
    • Precise fixed ratio
    • True ratio check
    • Lubricators, regulators, & filters
    • Automatic water drain
    • Upright swiveling boom with large gunning radius
    • Heavy duty steel cart
    • Includes specialized tool and spare parts kits

Works well with Dowsil 983, Tremco ProGlaze, GE Momentive, and more.

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